How to Make Downsizing Your Move Easy & Stress-Free

Moving tends to be a stressful experience, especially when downsizing is a necessity. Consider using the following tips and tricks to make downsizing and moving easier as well as less stressful for you and your entire household:

Take Some Time to Plan

Making some time to plan for downsizing before you start to pack for your move will help make the overall process less time consuming and stressful. You will likely need to get rid of quite a few things around the house so that the things you do keep don't clutter up your new home. Here are a few things you can do to plan for your move and ensure that you and your family have a spacious, convenient home to move into:

  • You can cut down on closet and room clutter by asking everyone in your household to get rid of at least one piece of clothing, toy, or accessory for every two that they decide to keep. This should leave you with a little extra room in the new home to store anything that you and family members simply can't part with.
  • Create a week-long meal plan for your household that require the preparation techniques and methods that you typically use in the kitchen. This will allow you to determine which kitchenware you should pack and bring along with you, and what can be sold, given away, or thrown away before the move.
  • Invest in a hard drive and transfer the content of your DVDs and CDs to it so they don't have to be taken and you can clear up some extra space in your entertainment center and closets.

Keep in mind that you can always expand on your belongings once you've moved if you find that you have some extra space to do so. So don't be afraid to let go of accessories and decorations that you can't quickly think of a new spot for in your new home.

Limit Your Boxes

Downsizing should be a lot easier on everyone in the household if you limit the number of moving boxes that will be used in each room of your home when it comes time to pack. Once the boxes you've designated have been filled up, anything that didn't end up packed should be sold or thrown away. This process will encourage family members to pack the things that are most important to them first, which will leave you with unpacked items that nobody feels too bad about getting rid of. This technique is sure to work great for kids when you want them to limit the number of toys they want to bring with them to the new place.

Host a Goodbye Sales Party

Say goodbye to your neighbors and friends before the move by hosting a going away sales party. Combining the fun of food, games, and dancing with a yard sale featuring household belongings you can't take with you when you move is a great way to make a little extra moving cash as well as ensure that everything you have to get rid of finds a new and reliable home.

Just set up a few tables in the backyard and ask your guests to bring a dish to share with everyone. Feature the stuff you're selling in a corner of the yard so guests can browse your offerings as they mingle. When a guest buys something, use a sticker and a pen to mark their purchase so you can keep track of it all during the festivities. Guests can pick up what's theirs when they're ready to leave the party.

These methods and techniques should be easy for your family to adopt, and will make your household's overall move a more enjoyable experience overall. For more information or assistance, contact local movers.