4 Ways To Use Storage Units While Moving In The Summer

Moving during the summer includes a lot of different elements that are not found during other seasons. Depending on the timing, home size, and sale of each home, you may have a transitional period where all of your items are not ready to be moved in right away. To help get through this process, you can rent a storage unit for your stuff. When you're moving in the summer, there are four tips for using a storage unit. Each one of these tips can help you transition into a new home and have access to all of the items you need during the summer months.

Storing Holiday & Winter Items

Bringing all of your items to your house at once can be overwhelming and very crowded. But there's no need to unpack or organize holiday items during the summer. This is why a storage unit is great for storing these items. You can easily place all of your holiday items in the unit until the fall. By then, your home will be ready to accommodate the items and you can have ideal storage solutions at home for all of your holiday decorations and winter items. As you move into a new home, it's also a great time to start new holiday traditions and purchase different types of decorations. Once they are purchased, you can easily go through your storage unit to dispose of holiday decorations that are no longer needed.

De-Cluttering Winter Clothes & Other Items

As you go from one house to the next, you may realize that you have a lot more items than you actually need. A storage unit has an open floor plan that allows you to organized the space anyway you need. This gives you ways to separate items and decide what types of things you want to donate. For example, if your home has sold or you need to leave your current residence, you can bring all of your boxes of winter clothes to a storage unit. The whole unit can be split into two sections: clothes to keep and clothes to donate. Using the space within the unit, you can separate the clothing and fill bags that can be later brought to various donation bins. Instead of waiting until the cold months to unpack winter clothes, you can get the de-cluttering process started right away. The same process can be used for de-cluttering other items. For example, you can use the storage unit space to organize books and decide which ones to donate. Then you can only bring the essential items to your new home and help prevent a lot of clutter from building up in the new home.

Organized Summer Activities

During a move, you may still want to participate in a variety of summer activities. As you settle into a new home, a storage unit is a great place to have items organized and ready to go for summer plans. For example, if love to bike, then you can use a storage unit to store mountain bikes and gear. If you like to camp during the summer, then it's easy to have all of your camping gear ready to go inside of a storage unit. It's easy to lose track of items as you handle boxes and unpack items within a new home. A storage unit can hold items that you need quick access to and will help you plan summer events a lot easier.

Electronics & Climate Control

Before your new home is completely set up, it may be lacking essential services for a variety of items. For example, you may not have a running central air unit or window units installed on the home. Leaving sensitive items in a hot home during the summer can create overheating issues and possible damage. Instead of rushing or risking damage to your electronics, you can rent a storage unit to store the items until your home is ready to go. Climate controlled storage units can help prevent extreme heat during the summer. This is ideal for storing televisions, video game consoles, sound systems, and computers. Keeping the items in temperatures between 68 and 71 degrees will help ensure that they operate smoothly.

Try to find a storage facility near your new home, such as Father & Son Moving & Storage, so that it is easy access and allows you to retrieve items without having to travel too far.