Hiring A Moving Company To Work With Your OCD

There are dozens, even hundreds, of moving companies in operation in the U.S. All of them are willing to provide you with moving supplies or assist you in the packing and moving process. What they do not know is that you have a mental health disorder that makes it difficult to do things quickly. Having OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, tends to make life a little more complicated. However, there are things you can do to make moving easier on both yourself and the moving company you hire.

When Hiring a Moving Company

People with mental health conditions generally do not like to tell strangers that they have a condition. However, when your condition affects the overall efficiency and fluency of something like moving, it may be in your best interests to talk to the owner or supervisor of a moving company. By explaining your condition and how it can affect the moving process, you will get someone with a better understanding of the time it will require to move you and your things.

If you have to move out-of-state, across the country, or overseas, this advice still stands. There are many long-distance movers that are very trustworthy. Since OCD can be aggravated by the anxiety and stress of moving in general, long-distance moving can be worse. It helps to be very up-front about your anxiety so that empathetic movers can help you through this process.

Ask for More Time

If you find that having more time to complete your move will alleviate your anxiety somewhat, then ask for it. Most moving companies will accommodate customers with little to no explanation, so long as they have enough availability for your needs. Schedule four or five days for a move you expect would otherwise take two days. You can choose to explain why, or you can just tell the movers that you need that many days to transition into your new home. 

Keep "Comfort Objects" Unpacked

Many people with OCD have "comfort objects." These are objects that they touch repeatedly when they are feeling anxious. That is perfectly understandable. If you have such objects, keep those things unpacked and close to your person during the moving process. Then you can touch the objects as often as needed to calm yourself without worrying about where the objects are and/or having to unpack them.

Ask for Breaks When You Feel Overwhelmed

Moving is a big deal. Even people who do not have OCD have to ask for breaks when they need them. Ergo, you can ask for breaks when you need them too. The movers can help by putting boxes on the truck that have already been packed, or packing things that you are comfortable with them packing. When they are done, or when you feel that you can resume the process, you can continue until the next moment you need a break. The movers will be empathetic when they know that this is what you need to do from time to time.

Feel Free to Hire Movers to Work until Everything Is off the Truck in the New Place and Stop

Movers provide all kinds of services. They can customize your service needs to your condition. If you only want the movers to put boxes on the truck and then take boxes off the truck at the new place and not pack or unpack anything, they can do that. If you want your bedding to wrap around your headboard and foot board during travel, they can do that. Whatever custom services help alleviate some your anxiety and make this process easier for you, the moving company and movers can do that.