Packing Up After The Death Of A Loved One: 3 Ways Residential Movers Can Help

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, the thought of clearing out his or her home to prepare it for sale can be overwhelming. Fortunately, a residential moving company can provide help and support in a number of ways. Here are a few options to discuss with the movers to help the process go smoothly for you and your family.

1. Packing For Storage

In some cases, you may not be emotionally prepared to go through all of your loved one's belongings. Deciding what you want to keep and what you might want to give away can always be done at a later date. Talk to your moving company about packing up personal items so they can be placed in storage. Some moving companies even offer storage unit rental, so you can handle all of the moving and packing services at one time. The movers can sort, pack, and label all of the boxes before they are taken to the storage unit. This makes it easier for you to go through the boxes when you are ready.

2. Packing For Moving

It's a good idea to leave the furniture in the home while it is being prepared for sale. This is particularly true if the furniture in the home is new or if it is uniquely paired with the home's design theme. For example, a Victorian-era home with antique, period-appropriate furniture can be easy to stage and show to potential buyers with the furniture still in place. Talk to your real estate agent about which furnishings should stay in the home, and then arrange to have them moved out once the home is sold. The furniture can be moved to a storage unit where you and your family can take any bequeathed heirloom pieces. The movers can also transport any items you want sold to a local auction house or resale shop.

3. Cleaning

Full-service residential moving companies also offer cleaning services. Traditionally, these services are used to make your home or apartment clean and move-in ready for the next owners or renters. When you lose a loved one, the movers can ensure the home is clean and ready for sale. The crew can tackle everything from deep-cleaning carpets to scrubbing down walls. This means less work for you to do as you and your family begin the healing process.

When you contact your moving company, let them know the circumstances as well as any timelines you have. If you must hurry to get the home ready for a landlord or a new owner, discuss scheduling for packing, moving, and cleaning services so you can be sure everything is taken care of on time.