Want To Rent A Storage Unit? 3 Tips For Moving Items

When you drive around your neighborhood and surrounding areas, you may find a number of storage facilities without looking hard at all. While you may not have much or any experience with visiting these storage facilities and utilizing their services, you may be in a situation where you need more storage space that you are not able to get from your current living situation.

If you want to maximize the chance of an easy process with moving items into the storage unit that you choose, you should figure out the important details early on.


When you look at several self-storage facilities, you should use this opportunity to check out where the units you are interested in are located on the premises. For instance, a unit that you can park right next to will be easier for moving items compared to one that demands further parking.

While you may know about some of the benefits, such as temperature control and improved security, that come with a storage unit inside a building, you may want to prioritize ease of access.


The boxes that you choose to use for the storage unit will play a huge role in how easy everything is to move. For instance, getting a lot of boxes from a nearby grocery store or liquor store might not cost anything, but it will lead to using all sorts of boxes that vary in size and thickness. This can lead to problems with packing them into a vehicle as well as inside the storage unit rental.

Mismatched boxes make it hard to stack boxes on top of each other because using a box with weak structural support on the bottom could lead to a collapse after putting boxes on top.

An easier and more reliable solution is to get boxes in the same size and thickness. You can even pick up ones with handles so that you always have a solid grip when carrying them around.


While it depends on the storage facilities that you come across and how long you want to commit to a storage unit rental, you may be able to get a complimentary moving truck for a day. This will make it faster and easier to put your belongings into storage since it will eliminate the need to make multiple trips after trying to figure out how you are going to put everything into your car.

Renting a storage unit and moving your possessions should not be too hard to do when you make use of these tips from the beginning of the process.