How to Keep Your Sports Collectibles Safe While Moving

Are you a sports fanatic? If so, the walls of your bedroom or man cave may be lined with sports memorabilia. You may have signed balls, game-worn jerseys, or valuable and collectible cards. If you are preparing to move, you want to properly pack these items to ensure they don't become damaged during the process. Even a small ding or scrape can decrease the value of your collectible. Here are some of the common types of sports memorabilia and tips for packing and moving them safely. Read More 

Three Things Not To Do When You Are Moving

Moving can be a formidable task. This does not matter if you are moving across town or across the country. While there are many things that you need to remember to do prior to moving, there are a few things that you want to remember to not do. Not only will this help your move go smoother, but it may also save you money in the long run. Not Hiring a Moving Company Read More 

How to Make Downsizing Your Move Easy & Stress-Free

Moving tends to be a stressful experience, especially when downsizing is a necessity. Consider using the following tips and tricks to make downsizing and moving easier as well as less stressful for you and your entire household: Take Some Time to Plan Making some time to plan for downsizing before you start to pack for your move will help make the overall process less time consuming and stressful. You will likely need to get rid of quite a few things around the house so that the things you do keep don't clutter up your new home. Read More 

So Your Roommate Left Their Stuff Behind? Here’s How to Handle This Situation

Sometimes roommates can leave you holding a lot of baggage, both figuratively and literally. If your spare bedroom or garage is full of your ex-roommate's stuff, you may be wondering when it's safe to get rid of it. It depends on when the person's property is considered abandoned under the law. Here's what you need to know so you can handle this situation without getting slapped with a lawsuit. Laws Regarding Abandoned Property Read More